Hello World (about)

This site is a hodgepodge of ideas: real-world tutorials for Linux, op-ed pieces on the current state of politics and the world, and an evolving work of fiction. The fiction is loosely bundled under the title Pirate Radio In Closed Caption. Hence, the domain PirateRadio.CC … and yes, we’re aware the .cc TLD is supposed to be for the Cocos Islands in Australia. Whatevs. Televisions commonly use the CC abbreviation for Closed Caption. There’s some creative license in use here – work with us.

As for the site’s author, he goes by the online moniker of Bit Merc. It’s really not hard to discern his real name, given today’s tools (read: surveillance). He didn’t intend for it to be difficult, either. You can follow him on the Interwebs through Twitter, Instagram or good old fashioned post replies here. Reach out and touch somebody.

More later.

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