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Just. Stop.

*** WARNING *** 

The filters have come off completely for this post. The editors have been shackled, bound, gagged and shipped to spend 10 to 15 with The Gimp. This is the result of climbing atop a soapbox and then launching the Sputnik straight into the stratosphere. Full-on rant mode. You have been sufficiently warned. Proceed with caution.


The more I see the state of the world today (various economies around the world, corporations trying their level best to profit-monger on anything and everything, snowflakes and the general inability of independent thought, governments stooping to all-time lows of morality and ethics, Congress selling personal information like browsing history*, and the general death of the Constitution), the more I want to eventually buy a sailboat and ride off to the Sovereign State of Fuck All, population two. (I’m not leaving my cat behind, and she counts as a populous…. heck, she has to pay Pet Rent at our apartment, so I figure she has some rights.)

The Internet and this prevailing wind of instant gratification has birthed an unending stream of bile, bullshit and bat-shit insanity. Most music these days is garbage (no, not Garbage – they were a fairly decent act from years ago), pop culture is obsessed with who/what can be the dumbest (apparently), and technology seems more interested in quantifying people like rats in a maze for monetization rather than, I dunno … actually improving the quality of life. It’s enough to make someone want to start kicking ass. (“Who’s Tony Romo now…?!? UPRIGHTS.”)

Granted, I’m generalizing. There are exceptions and moments of pure and endearing brilliance. But the world at large has drug itself to the precipice of total stupidity and, not having sufficiently quelled this self-imposed dare to see how far it can go, flung itself spread-eagle right over the edge.

Could we all just stop? Stop buying all this crap. Stop believing all the lies. Stop thinking we’re all entitled or better or immune. Stop letting others (corporations, the government, advocacy groups, anyone) think for us? Stop being so busy we think that’s an excuse or a means to an end? Just stop for a minute, and think. Think about what is opinion and what is fact. Think about what those facts tell you. Think about how those facts make you feel. Think about what needs to change.

Then, start making those changes yourself and not waiting for someone else to do it.


*Okay, so Congress isn’t technically selling your browsing history. They only voted approval for all ISPs to sell it… and I daftly wonder if any of those extra revenues of selling people’s lives like slaves will wind up back in the coffers of those same clowns in Capitol Hill as ‘campaign contributions.’ The statement above marked with an asterisk merely cuts out the middle man (the ISPs) and calls the situation as it is.


Deuces, 2016

Out with the old… and the bath water, and maybe even the baby.

The year draws to a close, mercifully. Smoking is now defunct, as promised to my little guy. Coffee has replaced soda, though I’m still uncertain if the Chemex or Press is my favorite. Razors are now like my guitar – from the 50s. Debian and Kali are still my two favorite distros, and my Sirius seems to stay on Chill more than 80s lately.

If none of the above makes any sense to you, that’s quite all right.

Spoiler-free thoughts on Star Wars: Rogue One. We enjoyed it in the theater, though it was surprisingly grim to be a Disney-fueled flick. The beginning 30 minutes or so are rough… really rough. As in, what the #$&@ is going on rough. After the auspicious start, it seemed to find its footing and becomes an enjoyable tale. Thankfully, it doesn’t follow the same, tired plot road map of usual Star Wars fare. And even more thankfully, there’s no Jar-Jar-type nonsense in this one. The flip side to that coin is there’s no lovable sidekick. I’d pay to see it again, if that says anything.

My cat hasn’t managed to kill her pet fish, so there’s that, at least.

Here’s looking to 2017, Cowboy Bebop in HD (yeah I know, I’m a bit late to that party) and Nier: Automata. And stiff middle fingers to Oxford commas. AP style and Grove Street…

Post up

So a great number of my non-Linux tutorial posts contain a certain level of sarcasm and snark. Many of those, deservedly so. But there also exists a need and time for shout outs. Here are a few:

Number one shout to my parents. Without them, I wouldn’t be possible. Ha! (HI MOM!) Seriously, my family is the best and all that I could have ever asked for, now or as a kid. The same goes for my kid, my cat and even my fish (plural). They keep me grounded, sane, and motivated in life.

Props, too, to my job and my co-workers. After twenty-some years of working, I’ve landed a gig for the past four years that is pretty fantastic. I still enjoy going to work every day, and my co-workers are nothing short of phenomenal. Double that for the rest of the I.T. team with which I work. I am absolutely blessed to be with them.

Can’t forget Maddie and G – they always put a smile to my face, and Mads has this innate way of making me feel better about everything. They aren’t exactly sane, but good friends usually aren’t.

The others that have been in my life and continue to be good people: Susan S. and Brian C., Alan H. and so many others. Kevin N., Debra B., our local UPS driver that always has a smile and is enthusiastic about his job. It’s always humbling to see how good people can have a positive influence on your day.

So to all of you: thank you.


Web site reboot.

There are so many things these days in need of a reboot. The first that springs to mind is this country’s political eco-sphere. Well, maybe not so much a reboot as a good, old-fashioned enema. If you want political rhetoric or commentary, however, flip over to any of the billion other news (sorry, “news”) sites or channels or podcasts covering that quagmire. I’ll refrain, though it still irks me I can’t register as “Anarchist” on the state’s voter ID.

Speaking of anarchy… Esmail: what the F*CK are you doing with Mr. Robot, season 2?!? He claimed that episode six was “our best one” yet. Best what, exactly? Best attempt at turning what could have been a stellar show into an all-night orgy with its partners Stupid, Esoteric, Cheese and Ineptitude? Best shot at ensuring no viewers will return for next week’s show? Esmail, you have done a bang-up job at resurrecting the notion of Jumping the Shark. Well played.

Now for the love of all things cool and decent in this world, somebody take the pen out of his hands and give him a series of scripts that will save this show from its bullet train ride straight to Hell. And wake me up when this nonsense is over. Oy vey.

A word from our sponsors… as I have a quiver of Linux machines to update.

Everything Must GO (sale?)

My I-don’t-give-a-shit-itis is reaching another all-time high, and I’m just now getting around to my delayed Spring cleaning. What that means, in sapien-speak, is this blog is going under the knife soon.


That also means if there’s something on this site you like(d), you’ve got about 48 hours to copy/save/download/rip-off/steal/whatever before it hits that Recycle Bin in the sky. Yes, Virginia, another Great Purge is coming.