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FujiFilm x100F Day One test

FujiFilm x100F camera, day one, testing without cracking the manual open (as yet … and yes, I’ll read it cover-to-cover several times over).

First test shot, Aperture Priority:

Crazy-high ISO (read, 3200!), but still came out more than acceptable in the final result (pixel-peep to see the noise/grain) for web use and general tom-foolery. And of course, my trusty sidekick was around to be my Guinea pig.

Second test shot, still Aperture Priority, with Acros film simulation (2500 ISO):

She really, really dislikes the Auto-Focus beeping.

Finally, we went out to test some outdoor shots at the pavilion mall nearby. There was hardly a soul around … figures, right? The below was a complete blind shot, not looking through the viewfinder nor the LCD on the back of the camera. Obviously 1/60 shutter speed selected automatically wasn’t quite enough, and I should have used continuous focus rather than single-shot. But, I just wanted to test. Back in my DSLR days, I rarely shot auto-anything (as far as the exposure triangle … I found auto-focus to be pretty spot on with my old gear). I’ll put this little rig through its paces over the next few months to see what it’s capable of handling, and decide from there what I need to manually set.

But with only dabbling for about a dozen shots, most of them testing the various film simulations in jpg files, I am duly impressed with this camera. It’s got mojo and soul. Lots of it. Fuji was a bit color-blind when it came to labeling the box for my tele-converter lens, however. Ordered black, and got silver from Amazon. Can’t blame Amazon, as the outer shipping box straight from Fuji had a “black” label on it. The inner product box was correctly labeled silver, though. It does give off that quasi-Leica vibe with the black body and silver attachment lens, and my son really likes the two-tone look, so I kept it. Black… silver… they both take the same quality of photos.


Desktop Furball

Link here.

This would be why I can’t seem to get anything done at my desk in the evenings…

Matlock at the Border

Every photo should tell a story. (Sometimes, I like to make them up…)

Gretta and Elza just finished the heist of the week … knocked over an ATM and planned on high-tailing it to Vegas with their $12,000 windfall. But first, they knew they had to lay low for a bit. Let the heat die down.

What better place to throw the fuzz off their tail than a Taco Bell.

Our wily protagonist Matlock, however, wasn’t fooled so easily. His fatal mistake was approaching their table as they finished their tacos. He never saw them slip the tranquilizers into his Baja Blast Mountain Dew. By the time has was fast asleep, drooling on his Oxford shirt, they were on the open road of Interstate 40 in a stolen Chrysler 300 … giggling like schoolgirls to Dr. Dre and Snoop blaring on the radio.

Ville of Biscuits

Link here.

I’ve been allowing myself to get back into photography after a five or six year hiatus. I have certainly missed the fun of shooting (particularly street photography), but I have certainly¬†not missed the requests for work done for free. That was the main reason I sold all my gear so many years ago. But here I am, and enjoying it all quite a bit (on the quiet).

The above photo was taken and processed by me. Shot with a Samsung S8. Mmhm, you read that correctly. A smart phone that can shoot in RAW format. Toss it into Lightroom, then call it a day. Simple, just the way I like it. Zing.