Matlock at the Border

Every photo should tell a story. (Sometimes, I like to make them up…)

Gretta and Elza just finished the heist of the week … knocked over an ATM and planned on high-tailing it to Vegas with their $12,000 windfall. But first, they knew they had to lay low for a bit. Let the heat die down.

What better place to throw the fuzz off their tail than a Taco Bell.

Our wily protagonist Matlock, however, wasn’t fooled so easily. His fatal mistake was approaching their table as they finished their tacos. He never saw them slip the tranquilizers into his Baja Blast Mountain Dew. By the time has was fast asleep, drooling on his Oxford shirt, they were on the open road of Interstate 40 in a stolen Chrysler 300 … giggling like schoolgirls to Dr. Dre and Snoop blaring on the radio.


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